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Green Maintenance

Our maintenance division offers an alternative to the typical "mow and blow" service. We achieve this by focusing on several key points:

1) Chemical-free: We use no man-made chemicals that poison the soil and inhibit the long-term health of your landscape. All weeding is done the old way, by hand. Only organic fertilizers are used to ensure a non-toxic environment.

2) Gas-free: We use state-of-the-art battery-powered equipment for minimal noise and zero air pollution. Although at Organic Landscapes we don't encourage the installation of lawns, we can provide a greener solution to maintaining your existing one.

3) Customer Service: As a customer you have easy access by phone or e-mail with a licensed contractor and highly skilled crew leaders that are committed to providing excellent service. For our larger customers, we provide weekly e-mail reports to maintain a healthy relationship and open communication.

Our clients are very diverse, with job sizes ranging from small properties to large homeowner associations. Whatever your needs, we can provide an environmental solution to your maintenance needs.

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